I have now deposited my incredibly old grandmother into the careful hands of my cousin and sent her on a plane into the biggest snow storms to hit the US and Canada for a long time. My cousin’s flight was the only one of two international flights that got out of Ottawa yesterday. About 40cm of snow fell yesterday around Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and that was on top of 102cm already there in Ottawa!!! What are we all thinking? She’s going to freeze and then fall over and get covered in snow before she even gets out of the airport.

She was up at 4am this morning and ready for me to take her to the airport (at 9am). I’m quite pleased she’s almost completely deaf because she farts very loudly most of the time and doesn’t realise. My poor children were beside themselves during our meal last night because they were not allowed to laugh. However, unfortunately the combination of a fart and her stuffing a whole potato into her mouth which was about the same size as she was sent them all looking for things on the floor underneath the table.

The worst bit was when the children came back from staying with their father. First we did a bit of face-warping on the computer of my grandmother which was very funny… and then I had to break them the news about their Great Grandmother. For some reason my Grandmother decided that whatever I had told them was hilariously funny and whilst they struggled to take in the news, she was laughing almost hysterically – very unnerving indeed.

  1. No your not getting this, when you get old life’s too short to sleep, that’s why she’s up at 4am. As for farting, anything that makes her grandchildren laugh will please her, she knows trust me.

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