I know it’s too late now, but I have to show you what my 12 year old son went out and bought me on my return from work on Valentine’s Day (after my presentation).

He is SO thoughtful it’s ridiculous and really, somebody, one day is going to be the very lucky recipient of the best partner ever – he can cook, he spends all his money on other people, he is funny, emotionally intelligent and good with small children and dogs.

I sound like I’m trying to sell him. This is not an advert by the way.

Anyway, I’m very proud, but also very sad because he and my other children (who btw I love just as much in case I now get accused of preferential treatment – but true to form my gorgeous daughter did buy me a little chocolate heart but first born merely sent me a photo of what he’d bought somebody else….which is obviously completely fine – I am the mother after all ….shouldn’t expect anything ever!).

They are all going skiing today with their father for half term and I feel a little bit sick. A bit with envy and a bit with jealousy and a lot with worry.

Here is his present (ignore the alcohol – that’s another story altogether!)



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