HELLO AGAIN. Thank you SO much to all of you who left comments on my last post and well done to those of you who know me well enough to guess that I was probably going away. Perfect timing for a blog break and a good idea to avoid blogging from my destination in order to give us all a break. I’m relieved that although there was a spike regarding my “Big Willies” post, it isn’t in the Top 10 posts (yet). “Big Bums Are It” does however still stand at number 2 and then the last post I wrote before going away is at number 3. My sister in law will be pleased to hear that her “Moshi Monster Cake” is still at number 4.

Anyway, I’m back, refreshed from a 1 week holiday (not quite enough) with my children and my son’s girlfriend. I took the plunge and panic booked a half price holiday in Greece that friends had recommended at the last minute – half board, lots included, no stress, you really don’t have to think for yourself or drive anywhere. The timing was perfect. I was ready to step away, leave the country for a minute and enjoy some time on my own with the kids.

I wrote a brief diary of our time there which trailed off towards the end of the week as I became too chilled to think or indeed force my hand to write anything. Will write about it here and there so as not to bore you or make you too jealous:-


Not sure I am going to have any friends on this holiday. We were in the queue to check in at the airport and suddenly my 18 y/o shouts from some distance away “YAY! MUM, LOOK AT THIS MESSAGE!”and holds out his Blackberry. Now, I don’t know about anyone else but I simply can’t see the type on a Blackberry screen even if it’s right in front of my face or indeed even the keyboard with which to type the teeny weeny letters. So I shouted back “I can’t see the screen – what does it say?”
and he high fives with his girlfriend who is equally delighted and then grins away at me and says “BEST START TO OUR HOLIDAY EVER!”.

I chose to ignore my split second decision to make a public announcement about the fact that he had been given the all clear after I had made him go for a blood test after his latest tattoo – done in a dodgy late night tattoo parlour abroad. I had probably overly scared them both, but I guess it was still the sensible thing to do.

Flight all good. Easy. Apart from sitting next to daughter who complained, because I wanted to have the arm rest that I was the most selfish person ever. Good grief. Then we read rubbish magazines and she berated me for not making way more of my time at EMI years ago “you SO didn’t milk that time mum, where are all your rock star friends and boyfriends? Why didn’t you go out with any of them? Marry them even…..SUCH a waste” and whilst I sort of agreed, I tried to point out how shallow it all was and how professional I had been then (I was very mature once) and how odd that she should have mentioned it because I’d just seen my old boss (who had got the sack for a number of reasons but one of them may have been drug related) working at the airport just a few moments before but that I was too embarrassed to say hello “why?” she asked me. I explained that I thought he might be a little uncomfortable, that it seemed like such a downgrading of life expectations and she replied “but mum, how ridiculous, there’s nothing wrong with being a Pilates teacher, you shouldn’t be embarrassed”. God. Children really know how to put you in your place don’t they.


All good. Easy transfer. Went straight to dinner. Then argued about who was sleeping where. I am trying to be reasonable BUT I PAID FOR IT ALL – WHY CAN’T I HAVE THE BIG BED?

My 18 year old thinks that because I’m here on my own (which I personally think is mean of him to point out) I shouldn’t have the double bed – he and his girlfriend should. THIS IS SO NOT FAIR.


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