My 15 year old daughter and two of her friends went to see a preview of “Monte Carlo” earlier in the week. Clearly they are of the perfect age to enjoy such a film and it is out in the UK on Friday 21st October, just in time for half term.

She has now gone away with a friend and consequently had to send me her review from the back of a car. Here it is in all it’s unadulterated glory – I could have revised it and added all the names etc but I think it’s more authentic if I leave what she wrote ad infinitum:-

“Monte Carlo” was a good chick flick for a girly day! The girls are from Texas and want to change their lives from a holiday in Paris that is not going very well, but it gets complicated when one of them is mistaken for a British socialite. They get into lots of different problems and find romance.

Leighton Meester and Selena Gomez (Justin Beeber’s girlfriend) who plays a double and Catherine Tate (who wasn’t very good) and another girl who I can’t remember her name so google it!! And the boys in it were eye candy!!! And there is an affluent and ostentaticious lifestyle was jel worthy!!! The dresses and jewellery!! OMG!! It was really fun. In Monte Carlo (obvs) the girls were from Texas and the boys were from France, Australia and Texas!! Selena Gomez fell in love with the lifestyle but felt that the only boy who likes her for who she actually is!! When she is not even herself (because she was pretending to be Cordelia).

Defo up there in the girly films I’ve recently seen.

Can you just re-word most of it??!!! Feeling a bit car sick now. Love u xxx”

A hit then…..


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