My friend has come up with a new word which I think is quite a good female approach to Movember and the month of hair growth in the form of (mostly) moustache growing for prostate cancer. We’re not trying to muscle in on your thing particularly, it’s just that I’ve had quite a large response via email to my “Bring Back The Furry Muff” campaign (well one or two) so now I think it’s time to introduce “Muffember” – the female version.

Girls. We have two weeks left (and yes, I know it’s easy for me because I am single and celibate, but that is not the point). This whole ridiculous demand for a vast amount of attention and money to be spent on “designer vaginas” either under the knife or simply in the hands of beauty therapists either ripping off all the hair or adding vajazzling or twattoes. Really. It’s got to stop. Rosamund Urwin wrote about it in The Evening Standard yesterday and noted that whilst “we rightly attack the appalling tradition of female circumcision” women are allowing themselves to be butchered in the belief that this is some sort of “female empowerment, a way to fix nature’s “errors”.

ANYWAY the really good news is that women are fighting back. There has been a call to um, muffs and on December 10th supporters of UK Feminista are going on a “Muff March” to Harley Street to tell surgeons to stop profiting from bodily insecurity.

As Rosamund says “a baby bestowing, pleasure-giving part of the body doesn’t need to be blinged-up to be fit for purpose and it certainly does not need an unnecessary operation. Feminism’s new front: your front bottom”.

I’ll be there. I’ll be the one with the big, um, banner. I’m a little bit worried that the group is going to look like the equivalent of the Greenham Common lot – all hippyish and unkempt. We need to find some gorgeous young things to join our campaign so we don’t just all look mad. Oh and maybe some men. Although I’m not sure they are on our side on this one quite frankly.

  1. There’s only one big no no for lady gardening.

    If you are of the ginger persuasion, don’t have a Brazilian.

    It will look like a fish finger.

  2. LMAO at the fish finger comment. I must admit, I have never even contemplated having a wax down there. Unless it’s a gynecologist, there’s no other stranger fiddling around with me.

    • Family Affairs on

      I know. But you’re a bit old and very happily married (no offence) so you just wouldn’t have to – I am going to have to find a way to target the younger market without sounding like a pervy weirdo. Lx

  3. Kelloggsville on

    Oh I see, that’s not seen an epilator, in fact its not seen light of day in months! Are we marching bare faced? I’m only coming if it’s a chance to get nakey. Ahhh hang on, no, if I have to actually display it, I’ll have to pop in for a short back and sides first…in fact I’ll see you in Harley Street, I’ll be just coming out :)

  4. Count me in – am not the younger generation but still…

    We need Catlin Moran, isn’t she a huge supporter of the hairy muff?

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