Why are my school mornings always so manic? I want a calm household like other people have. My house is a total mess. I need to throw everything away. Including all my children.

Daughter was in revolting mood owing to major hormonal imbalance I suspect. Therefore Rice Krispies tasted mouldy and had to be thrown down sink. Which now accompanies several dead tea bags in pipe blockage. She was then MAJORLY angry with teenage son for deciding to choose family bathroom to do smelly unspeakable things in when she needed to clean her teeth and put on her make-up “YOU ARE SO SELFISH” she was screaming “GO AND DO THAT IN SOMEBODY ELSE’S LOO…..MUM, DO SOMETHING!!”. Not sure what exactly I was supposed to do.

Youngest son finding the whole thing hilarious and thankfully really looking forward to his day “I’ve got the BEST DAY ever” he said “with gym and LUNCH (still his best bit) and stuff and THEN we are going to rush to HMV to buy the new FIFA game I got with my voucher” he told me. Are we? What new Fifa game? He’s happy because I took him to a lovely Halloween party yesterday and we watched a film called “Monsters Vs Aliens – Mutant Pumpkins from Outer Space” with some other bloggers and he got to take a scary costume home to wear. More about that in a month…..

Topic of conversation once out of door was mostly about daughter’s friend who managed to get a baby squirrel stuck in her HAIR* yesterday at school. The more she shrieked and shook her head the more it burrowed in. A teacher had to rescue her and she is now mortified because everybody knows and thinks it is hilarious. She was very lucky not to get bitten mind you.

ps – don’t really mean it about throwing away my children – love them hugely. Obviously. Although they are clearly the “mutant pumpkins” I refer to in my title….

* pps – sorry for missing out KEY word earlier – could pretend I did it on purpose just to see who is paying attention – but some of you are!! Just too busy to notice that error this morning!

  1. most houses are chaotic in the morning.
    and where exactly was the squirrel stuck? am having richard gere visions and i guess that’s not what was happening at your daughter’s school…

  2. it got stuck in her where…?!?

  3. Daughter’s friend got a squirrel stuck in her what? The suspense is killing me!!!!

  4. Apart from the 7 year old, I have found if you ignore tham in the mornings they just get on with it. (I think.)

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  6. Ha ha, I’m not sure which is funnier, your morning (though presumably not for you!) or the image created by you missing out the key word in that sentence!! Film sounds good though – my 3 yo loves cinema so hope it won’t have too scary halloween bits in it?

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