I hope that it was no coincidence that a few days after mentioning that I had taken my father a jar of Nutella in the hope that it would perk him up a bit I got invited to join a group of bloggers for a Nutella Breakfast briefing at Legoland.

I mentioned this to a male friend and he commented that in which case it was about time I started mentioning other things I might like, for example:-

Huge Diamonds
Tiffany Jewellery
Large houses on the river
Lovely holidays in exotic places
Some really strange looking tortuous exercise machine that my daughter has seen on the Discovery channel that she wants but I keep telling her won’t work

So. Lets see what happens…..

In the meantime, thank you to the Nutella team who provided a very informative forum in which to learn a little more about balanced breakfasts and the psychology of feeding children. Professor Karen Pine gave a very interesting talk reminding us all of the need to relax when it comes to feeding children and when you forget, it is worth remembering EAT:-

E = Set a good Example
A = Don’t give them to much Attention
T = Try, try and try again with food they don’t like – keep reintroducing it

….and I was thinking my children are SO not neophobic when it comes to Nutella – I have to hide it.

Sian Porter the lovely dietician, reminded us about how breakfast was the most important meal of the day and how a balanced diet was made up.

THEN we were given a demonstration by Alan Coxon of exotic things to do with Nutella (not sure necessary – I am quite happy eating it directly out of the jar now I know it’s hazelnut spread and not chocolate spread and therefore not as bad for me as I had thought):-


and then got us to create our own ideas – we made Humpty Dumpty sitting on a Legoland wall:-


So a big thank you for our day – my son got involved in some of the cooking which was his idea of heaven – especially as Alan gave him a signed copy of his cookbook – in fact being a young chef in the making, I think he preferred that bit even more that being let loose in Legoland for the afternoon!

  1. heh he he …this made me laugh a lot….nutella man….it’s a positively dangerous thing in this household….knife fights and stuff….i can be vicious. have stopped buying it…except sometimes (what do they say about good parenting? somthing about consistancy…rubbish at it). buy tons of milo though. its cheaper. and seems to last longer. jar of nutella is gone in like one day here…sigh. xxx j

  2. are you trying to tell me that they convinced you Nutella is part of a healthy breakfast !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Was lovely to meet you! It was a fantastic morning! 🙂 x

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