I am often to be found in leggings if I’m teaching Pilates….I love them, so easy to wear, my daughter lives in them, especially after her knee operation when it was very difficult to get jeans on and off.

However, I am not convinced that reversible leggings are a good idea. I have just been sent a brochure from a fitness company with their new “reversible leggings” being promoted widely. The blurb says “They’re high stretch, opaque and so comfortable. They are also really versatile. I wear mine printed side out for yoga and then switch to black for drinks with friends”.

I have a bit of a problem with this. How is that hygienic to go to a sweaty yoga, dance or Pilates class and then simply turn them inside out to go out for the evening? Won’t they be a bit damp and smelly or is that just me?

Once, when my firstborn was only about a year old I took him on a flight from Hong Kong to London having dressed him in a pair of very snazzy, soft stripey cotton reversible trousers. I was so proud of my planning. The idea was that if he got food all over them, I would simply turn them inside out and voila a brand new pair of clean trousers for him to arrive in. Far less to carry onboard as well. I didn’t pack another pair.

Instead, what happened was he did the most enormous crap in them that shot out of both legs and up his back. So reversing them was not an option and I had to carry him off the plane wearing just a top and a new nappy into the freezing cold.

Therefore, sorry, the catch line “Reversible means Versatile” simply doesn’t do it for me. Two looks for the price of one doesn’t always work.

  1. Oh yuck Lucy! I think they intend them to be washed! It’s just that you only have to buy one pair instead of the yoga ones and the dressy ones.

    • Family Affairs on

      Oh ha ha – well they didn’t say that in the blurb! Implied you could just do a quick change and rush off out….

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