We are playing “All Time Low” a lot in our house at the moment, which is the debut single coming out next month by the incredibly gorgeous new boy band “The Wanted”.   Personally, I think it will be the No.1 single within the month. Lets see.

Here is the video of their new song. Very strong for a first single I think. Going to be big:-

My daughter loves them and is deliriously happy because she trapped them at the Clothes show and managed to get a very good photo of them all with her:-


  1. Jon Storey on

    The boys are almost as pretty as your daughter!

  2. Indeed Jon….why do they all have plucked eyebrows?…..oh, and which is the gay one? every Boy Band has to have a gay one….

  3. yes JOn!!!! they are pretty and l think oh god another boy band…but whilst there a zillion teen girls around they’ll always be boy band…they are almost prepubescent…make sme feel ancient…feel guilty every time l watch mr. Buble as he is old enough to be my son….yikes..there is no hope..
    saz x

  4. Impressive debut single. A new Take That in the making?

  5. Plucked eyebrows on men are all the rage. I saw plenty of those in Cuba, my Cuban friend pointing them out to me and giggling.
    Why are they looking in another direction, though? Another camera there?

  6. I may very well be mistaken. Still, take the guy on the far left – the line of the eyebrow looks too clean to be natural for his dark complexion. The next guy’s eyebrows start bushy and they thin out from the middle with a bit of a lift. One can greatly enhance the expressiveness of the face by manipulating the eyebrows and maybe that’s what the stylist was going for.

    • I have never really got eyebrows – can’t see the point of them or that they open up the eyes – unless they have three inch hairs growing out of them I can’t say I’d notice them. Must try harder. Think all my friends notice how bad mine are. Lx

  7. You’re right on target.

  8. No, doubt not only this post but all the posts in this blog is informative

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