I would love to get some other ideas – it’s very difficult choosing venues when you don’t have a partner for lots of reasons. I for one hate the thought of being responsible for my three kids somewhere that I haven’t been before. Especially if I have to drive. I love adventure and new stuff, but unless someone has given me the whole itinerary and is picking me up from the airport then I’d rather go somewhere I’m familiar with.

I’d been to this hotel before. My kids are too old to be in kids clubs anymore so we can all hang out together. It worked perfectly, except it was VERY expensive. Then again I wasn’t interested this year in an “all inclusive” although it would have saved me a fortune.

The downside of a beautiful hotel like this is that every other adult is a couple. Which makes it difficult for me to make friends…..

That said, I had my kids to talk to so it was fine – but another year? Maybe I’d rather go somewhere where there is a little more adult company?

Ideas welcome – I fancy a ranch….although I can’t ride.

Here are the details of where I stayed and what it was like if you’re interested:-

If you’re looking for a hidden gem with some of the most spectacular views of the Amalfi coast all the way up to Capri then the Casa Angelina “Lifestyle” hotel is worth considering.

I’ve been there once before, with a girlfriend, when we were both in the midst of our sad and messy divorces and it kind of gave us a little bit of space and energy back and I’ve been saving ever since to go back with my children and had to remortgage my house to pay for it – even though I was aware that it’s a very popular honeymoon destination and therefore full of canoodling young couples, so for the second time I’ve stood out like a sore thumb – first time I looked like I was with my lesbian lover and this time a lone female with three children in tow – all tempted to do bombs on top of couples in the pool.

I am officially in love with the Amalfi coast and wish that I had discovered it years ago when I was young enough to look glamorous in a little Italian car cruising around the winding roads wearing red lipstick and a scarf – Leonardo Dicaprio was spotted nearby whilst we were there and I can’t say that I’m surprised – this is one of the most stunning areas of the world I have ever been to and my children thought the same.

The advantage of staying in an utterly gorgeous “Lifestyle” hotel is that you don’t want to leave it at any point – this proved to also be to our disadvantage as the children dismissed any thought of excursions on a daily basis. I had flown them all the way over from London to show them the British Museum exhibition for real in Pompeii and they didn’t even want to go there – “mum, it’s just too hot to go anywhere, why don’t we just chill by the pool and read books”….they know my weaknesses – how could I refuse? We ALL read books – some more than others – it was painful to get my youngest to read what I’d brought him (a book called “Wonder” – anyone else read it?).

The hotel nestles into the rocks in Praiano, a small town 20 minutes away from Positano. It’s a dazzlingly all white cool and crisp 70’s built cubic structure in a fabulous location and it is the closest I’m ever going to come to feeling like I’m living in Salvador Dali’s house. Totally inspiring in a simple, stylish way with amazing glass sculptures and other pieces of modern art strategically placed around the hotel.

We had the most amazing time – my decision to choose somewhere gorgeous and quiet worked brilliantly – our regular evening excursions into Positano or Praiano perfect because there did not appear to be an after hours scene that my two adult children felt the need to join – we had our dinner together and meandered back, had another drink together back at the hotel bar and then all went to bed. Had I chosen Sorrento things would have been very different – there are discos there I gather and they might have wanted to break free….I’ve done lots of holidays with my kids in the past when I have only seen them briefly for the first night, before they go off clubbing and spend the rest of the days in bed. This worked for all of us, my youngest loved sharing a room with his big brother, my daughter and I had a lovely time in our room (when my snoring didn’t keep her awake – although obviously I don’t snore, she was clearly making that up) and it was altogether SO worth the new house I could have bought instead because it was very special and somehow you know that the dynamics will change over the next few years and it is unlikely that we will be able to do that for very much longer.

ANYWAY. Enough of that. Here are the photos:-

Day one: Checking out the view – think he is taking a photo rather than texting his girlfriend but can never be too sure:-
R day 1 view

My Instagram shot without my son – getting the priorities right:-

My son’s priorities – thinking that a bag of Pear Drops was far more interesting than a glass of welcome champagne:-

Our room:-

View from our room:-

Sunset view:-

Sorry – over-exposed but has to be that way so that you can see the view from where we had breakfast:-

Breakfast – not that we had that every day – delicious fruit was encouraged of course:-

Not a big pool but spectacular location:-

Pool view:-

The glass sculptures:-

Their romantic touch one evening which was a little unnecessary for my daughter and I:-

Another sunset view just because they were so amazing:-

There was a very cool beach club down at the bottom of 180 steps that you were able to get sunbeds for as guests of the hotel – a cafe and chill out music played – you climbed down some steps or jumped into the sea – felt very private and privileged, but tough shit if you don’t like it you’re going to have to stay for a while because walking back up the stairs is heart stopping stuff (and not in a good way):-

The steps, which went on and on and on:-

Last day – happy children:-

One of those photos I will cherish forever:-

  1. Aww, them’s lovely kids you have there Mrs.

  2. Beautiful holiday and worth every penny, even if you did have to re mortgage your house!
    ps one of the things about getting remarried is you have to ask someone else if it’s ok to remortgage the house, just saying… every cloud and all that

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