My son and his girlfriend are safe and well and partying in Byron Bay. Even better news is that he did well in his re-sits and has got into the university of his choice. Now all I need to worry about is that he gets through the next three months unscathed and happy. He has already turned into the consummate traveller – all conversations with him amount to “yeah, it was really amaaaaaaazing” as he describes swimming with dolphins. Jealous? Moi?

Daughter on the other hand is working hard. Here she takes a brief moment out to enter a cupcake competition she and some friends devised at school. She decided on “rainbow” cupcakes.

They couldn’t be more rainbow, I have to say. I’ve just eaten one. Delicious. But so many additives that I think I might be about to have a heart attack:-

and the centre looks like this:-

  1. Kelloggsville on

    I can’t eat bright blue food, unless I wore a blind fold and it was chocolate flavoured!

    I hope you chewed his ear off for not contacting you sooner!!

  2. Those rainbow cup cakes are exquisite! What a wonderful idea.

  3. The top photo looks like something from a strip joint. WInk.
    And congrats on the boy – being alive, and doing well academically.

  4. Great news about your son’s results. He can make the most of the rest of his time off without worry now, and a year out can be a great maturing influence on students! Fingers crossed 😉

    PS Love the rainbow cupcakes!

  5. Oh clever cupcakes. The colours remind me of Monsters Inc for some reason – must be the ‘Sully blue’ she used :) And god, I’m worried enough when my kids are at the skatepark in London – what on earth will I be like when they’re on the other side of the world from me? x

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