1. Loving this! But oh, don’t call yourself dragons, you are gorgeous!!

  2. Ooh, I had to get myself a cuppa before listening. I can’t believe you two are putting this out on You Tube though! Hilarious.

    • Family Affairs on

      Ha ha – I know – foolish I’m sure, but basically no idea how else to post it to my blog? I think more middle aged women chats are needed on Youtube personally! Lx

  3. funny. could use some editing. your pal is a bit long winded. you might jump in now and then and get her back on track.
    also, if your going to drink out of a mug of that size, you must let us know what the hell is in it!

    • Family Affairs on

      Ha ha thanks for the advice – so needs editing I know. I don’t know how to edit or have time to learn, so going to have to wait until somebody else offers! Obviously it’s always a mug of wine. Will make sure I clarify that next time. Anyway, just about to post another one where I do most of the talking…Lx

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