On Sunday evening I was delighted to be invited to the 20th anniversary of the British Academy Children’s Awards, or BAFTA Kids as they are affectionately known. I sat at the Bananagrams table who were the official sponsors for the After Party (my sort of sponsor) with my very clever friend who invented Bananagrams in the first place, in the time since I’ve known her. My how far she’s come I thought to myself as I surveyed the scene. A glittering awards ceremony that started with a red carpet full of positively squeaky children looking out for their favourite characters. We were ushered into a champagne reception to mingle prior to the awards and dinner.

The room:-
Bafta roundhouse room

Us, having been given the champagne:-
Bafta me R & I

It was there that a rather attractive male came up to us and said “are you up for anything?”….we thought it was the best invitation we’d had all year, until we realised he meant an award. I was marginally worried about the awards themselves, not having watched children’s TV since circa the beginning of the century when my children were young enough, but actually they were brilliantly done AND GUESS WHAT??? THE CLANGERS WON AN AWARD for best pre-school animation. So happy that the oldies are still considered to be the goodies!

But look how many people involved in collecting the award?

baftas the clangers

I thought their chosen compere for the evening, Doc Brown was brilliant. Very funny and slick. AKA Ben Bailey Smith, he is an English rapper, comedian, actor, screenwriter and voiceover artist, but even more importantly as far as I’m concerned he is ALSO Zadie Smith’s brother.

So we basically drank Tattinger champagne and clapped a lot – at a table that couldn’t have been more filled with glasses:-

bafta tattinger girls

bafta table with glasses

ate a delicious meal and then danced at the Bananagrams after party … all on a Sunday night!

I. After Party

I. After Party

bafta banagrams party

Followed by teeny weeny BAFTA chocolates:-

bafta chocolates

Here I took the photo from above of our table:-

Bafta seance

This was interesting – one of the winners was Leo, in “My Life: I am Leo” all about his transgender experience – he was at the event and won the Factual category, so I assume that loo was designed for him – not entirely sure why he needed to be singled out like that? Maybe all loos should be individual and non gender specific just to avoid labels moving forward?

bafta gender neutral loo

and the amusing Time Out sign:-

Time out sign


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