I’m not sure about the best way to reach the American Mum (or Mom) but I’m really interested in your experience of how you are dealing with your teenage children and their drug intake? How does it work when weed is legal in the USA, unlike here where it is an illegal substance? Does it mean you are far more relaxed and can sit and smoke with your kids? Let them smoke in the garden? Do they smoke at parties? Or do you really disapprove? Presumably they smoke a lot of weed because they’re not allowed alcohol – whereas in the UK our kids drink instead.

Are there other drugs the young kids are taking? I was talking to some young adults at a party recently and even they are concerned at how many drugs are on offer and seem to be increasingly available to the very young teenagers – especially those at public school – ACID for goodness sake and MDMA and no doubt lots of others that I haven’t heard of.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and advice on how you all manage because here in the UK I think we have an increasing problem. Drugs are far too available for all, even though illegal and seem to be fairly cheap too and children seem to start experimenting earlier and earlier and this cannot be good for their overall development.

  1. Hi LuLu, my daughter is only 12, almost 13 and we haven’t had any issues yet. I make her watch all the news specials regarding drugs and relay stories from other families. Weed is only legal in two of the 50 states in the US. Medicinal varieties are available in certain states for those with seizure disorders or Cancer, etc. I’m not sure how parents in the states of Colorado and Washington, where weed is legal handle this issue. I think the more concerning issue is Heroin. It is cheap and plentiful. Once the drug of the poor it has now moved to the bored wealthy families and Upper Middle Class families. Drug dealers want to target the children who have easy access to money or items to trade and sell to pay for drugs. Athletic teens and adults who have surgury are often prescribed enough pain pills post surgeries that they end up addicted after 25-30 days using them for pain. Then they typically turn to Heroin since it is easily accessed and cheap. This epidemic has hit the public and private schools and colleges alike. The smart kids, top athletes, everyone!! Parents are having to turn their kids out of their homes and/or pay for very expensive rehab stints. Yes, many of the old drugs, acid, LSD, etc have returned as well. Many of my friends with college age children have had to go and pick up their kids as they are not adapting well to new found independence and the temptations of drugs and drinking to cope with, basically, an inability and maturity to cope with being on their own. I think the shame of a child on drugs is keeping the open conversations that need to happen from happening. I am just trying to keep the conversations open with my daughter as she enters her teen years and hope she makes smart choices. She has a heart condition so she knows trying drugs could kill her at first try, so my hope is that she is too scared to try them.

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      Hi Amanda, thanks so much for your response – really interesting. HEROIN???? I had no idea. Shit that is horrific. Apparently once you’ve taken heroin, you can never get back to how you were and consequently keep having to take more and more to try and get you back up….we are not experiencing this here as yet, but it is only a matter of time as everything your side of the pond gets here eventually. Thanks for the heads up (as they say here)….Lx

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