Beaucoup d’indignation à l’ègard de l’auteure français, Yann Moix who has declared that he is “incapable” of loving women aged over 50, claiming they are “invisible” to him.

I see from the flurry on social media that we are all up in (bat wing) arms, gnashing (decaying) teeth and stamping our (bunioned, arthritic) feet at the suggestion that we are past our sell-by date to men like him.

BLOODY GREAT is all I can say about that, because otherwise I would be having to dig out my invisibility cape anyway – which basically I put on every time I stand at the bar these days waiting to be served.

At the bar, when my daughter is with me

The author has stated that “at 50 I am incapable of loving a woman of 50. I prefer younger women’s bodies, that’s all – end of. The body of a 25 year old is extraordinary, the body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”

Well he’s right to a degree if he’s just referring to the physical quality of the cells that make up the body. Because they’re half the age, the flesh is different. The body is different. Women of 50 may or may not have had children. If you have, you will bear the scars we now carry with pride. We have baggage (said in a French accent) that he probably isn’t interested in ouverture. That’s fine. I don’t want him to unpack my baggage anyway. He says he prefers Asian women and he clearly likes sex. He may be looking for personality and intellect thrown into the mix, but certainly not companionship at this stage of his busy life and doesn’t want to be bothered too much by a challenging, grumpy old cow. Perhaps it’s his last hurrah, or maybe he’s looking to start a new family with a much younger woman.

I get it…we all admire young flesh. It’s just what you do with it that counts. Do you think he has children? He could have a 25 year old daughter himself – would that make a difference? Probably not. There are a lot of men like him in the world I’ve discovered. In fact I’d say that I’m more invisible to my 50-something male equivalent, than I am to the younger men, in terms of sexual attraction. Younger men see us as a challenge who can teach them a thing or two (Maggie May), whereas older men, threatened by the fact that their sperm is about to turn to dust, start looking at women half their age.

It’s something I’ve given a lot of thought to over the last few years of being divorced. Men prefer younger women until their bodies start falling apart and then they’re more interested in a meeting of minds because they CBA to be the stud in bed any longer. It gives me hope when I wander around the world and notice that the happiest old couples are around the same age.

Until then, let’s not take offence, us 50-something women have much better things to do with our time than hang out with men that make us feel like shit. That is because we’re too old to give a shit and so it should just simply mean that he is one less thing to worry about.

  1. first thought ‘yes, we are invisible’
    second thought’but I don’t care because it means it doesn’t matter what I do or wear, no one is looking any way’

    So yup, all good here! And with you too it seems and according to social media almost all women over 50. We got this!!

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