Palm oil production contributes to the death of 25 orangutans every day and this has to stop .

This is an absolutely genius campaign by Iceland to raise awareness of how the use of palm oil in our products is having a devastating effect on the habitat of the orangutan’s. Their animated children’s story ad has been banned on the basis of political messaging, but they’ve put it out there anyway and it’s gone viral.


Look at this clever animatronic orangutan sadly wandering the streets of London looking for somewhere to live. Very powerful image of a distressed orangutan clinging to a Christmas tree at Coin Street and other London locations (apologies for the standard of the photos, my downloads weren’t working so I’ve taken a photo of a photo which looks a bit shit, but you get the general idea):-

Thousands of orangutans are dying each year due to the loss of their natural environment, leaving them homeless and unable to survive and the initaitve follows on from new research commissioned by Iceland, which reveals that the use of palm oil and deforestation are among the top three environmental concerns of consumers, alongside food waste and single use plastics.

The natural habitats of the critically endangered orangutans are being torn apart at an alarming rate in Indonesia and Malaysia – both of which are home to the species – leaving the magnificent animals unable to survive. It has been estimated that around 6,000 orangutans are wiped out each year with 80% of their natural habitat disappearing in the space of two decades. A rainforest area the size of 146 football pitches is cleared every hour to make way for palm oil production and 93% of people asked would like retailers to be doing more to make it clear which products contain palm oil.

The majority of retailers continue to use palm oil at an alarming rate and hopefully this disruptive campaign will force us to look on the labels and avoid shampoo, chocolate, CADBURY’S and other products that are still using it.

Follow the story online with #NoPalmOilChristmas

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