So I am getting increasingly alarming texts from my daughter, who is trekking in the jungle a mere 20km away from a massive volcano that is about to erupt. Bali is on the highest alert and the poor locals in the evacuation zone are sitting and waiting in various locations with all their worldly possessions. Such is the power of nature.

Yesterday, I was having a massive trauma about the whole thing – I have managed to produce a child who is capable of venturing happily out into the big, wide world and yet I have not taught her well. On my very long list of things to avoid over the years I HAVE FAILED TO ADD HOW TO DEAL WITH A VOLCANIC ERUPTION! She was texting yesterday saying that she was in the jungle, sleeping in bamboo huts and what should she do if the volcano erupted. So, obviously, I Googled the issue. Molten lava can flow for miles. “What should you do if your bamboo hut gets consumed by molten lava?”. Hopeless. No suggestions.

You can’t exactly cling on to a tree, or “go with the flow” can you. I told her I’d update her from my end, should there be any more news. That’s helpful, when she’s in a bamboo hut with barely any phone signal. “Have you got your mask with you?” I asked. Well, that’s not going to be of much use when trying to outrun a magma stream is it or protect yourself from rocks falling out of the sky.

OMG. I am having a trauma about her being there and not being able to protect her and at the same time, feel really bad for all the people who live there who have had to stop doing what they do every day and move away whilst Agung rumbles away. Maybe it will go back to sleep again for another 52 years….

In the meantime, I am trying to get on with living my life and focusing on my other children, work and stuff….LOTS going on as usual. My mother is about to arrive as she has very kindly offered to stay whilst I am away on an assignment for a few days. In France! Woohoo. This is my first trip away all summer so I’m very excited, even if it is only for the weekend.

  1. Ugh. Always something. I hope she’s safe. x

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