I have been in the same book group for over twenty years now (minus a few years when we moved away for a bit) and I still love it and of course all the girls in it. Book groups mean that not only do you have allocated catch up time for people you don’t see all the time, but you read books you would never have chosen for yourself. This is the first time we have taken the book group on tour, but certainly not the last. We chose “Tender Is The Night” by Scott Fitzgerald so that we could go to the hotel mentioned in the book and luxuriate in the gloriousness of the place. It was literally the best thing ever and I would highly recommend it. Tender Is The Night is now one of my favourite books and my reading pace slowed down as I relished every page and didn’t want it to end. The only downside of our weekend away was that we didn’t allow ourselves much time to do much reading, as there is so much to see in the area – but I’m certainly not complaining about that as we had a fantastic weekend away.

We stayed in two different places – our friends villa – Villa Provence, set in the vines of the coast of Provence, near the village of Cuers, it’s a beautiful 300m converted grape harvest barn that can sleep up to 12 guests. Honestly divine (and you can rent it).

We sat around the pool reading our books – spot the reader in the corner!

It was warm enough to eat outside in the morning, but not this warm – this picture was taken earlier in the year!

Our first night around the kitchen table:-

And we went for a lovely long loopy walk amongst the vines:-

We were suitably spoilt by having the Michelin star chef Alain Ryon, who lives there cook for us. Tres delicieux and how did that pear get in the bottle? You will notice that by the next morning we were reading “Tender Is The Day”….having been plied with Absinthe!

We also stayed in Lavendou – a glorious beach fronted town,

We went to St Tropez one of the days and had lunch at Club 55 which is one of my favourite places in the world. I think I’m going to have to move there just to people watch to my hearts content.

Might need to think about changing the group to a wine club!

We went to Bormes – a gorgeous medieval town for a stroll and lunch – very picturesque:-

Best bit was the visit to Hotel Belles Rives in Juan-Les-Pins to have lunch and soak up the atmosphere (less so of the sun, which kept disappearing) as it was here that Scott Fitzgerald wrote his masterpiece “Tender Is The Night” and where the meet-set of the era liked to slum it:-

This was what we came for:-

The very atmospheric bar:-

Highly recommended!

  1. Lovely evocative post thank u L. You look young and happy! Thank you for writing such excellent and frequent posts;you write very well and truthfully and the photos r great always. Younger son enjoying his Foundation year so far….

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