The beating heart and soul of Paris exists.

In a vault.

Dans le Latin Quarter of Paris.

The best jazz club in Paris?  I would say so, but to be fair I haven’t checked out all the others – I just can’t imagine there would be a more agréable one to be found in town:-

A vibrant, hot, sweaty jazz club, with the faint smell of cigarettes and Cointreau lingering in the air. Every night it merges the perfect combination of what Paris represents under the cobbled streets of the city. Le Caveau de la Huchette draws you underground and sucks you in, despite the effort required to get through all the warm bodies, immediately taking you back to the 1940’s as you dance to a swing jazz band, together with young and old alike. The locals and the visitors join forces for a night of passionate celebration (said in a French accent).

The building dates back to the 16th Century, but became a jazz club in 1949 hosting the great and the good. Whether you are a jazz lover, simply love to dance, are a professional musician or merely enjoy people watching, the exceptional atmosphere of the club should not be missed on a visit to the city. It feels like the best kept secret in town and I’m not sure I should be sharing the experience of Paris by night, but it was my daughter who first stumbled across it, telling me how good “the old people were at dancing and that I would fit right in”. It is the perfect way to see a different side of Paris whilst immersing yourself in the world of jazz and swing. My eyes were drawn to the professionals – especially the women, who were unbelievable rock and rollers and yet welcomed the beginners to dance alongside with great gusto (as long as you didn’t cramp their style). Old Parisian men, some of the best boppers in town, swing with giggly Japanese tourists and show them a dance move or eight:-

This was me preparing to get in the mood to immerse myself by buying double Cointreau’s at the bar upstairs:-

I’ve been drinking this Blood Orange Cointreau on my return, but it’s not as good as the original version, but it looks cool!

Cointreau blood orange liquor

Cointreau blood orange liquor

We staggered out of there in the early hours, sufficiently steeped in Cointreau to ward off the January temperatures with anaesthetised, but warm and happy hearts.

Ps – this blog post is not sponsored by Cointreau despite appearances – or anything else for that matter!  I just highly recommend it and want to go back soon!


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