Chongwe River Camp has won an award two years running for Chongwe River House as the best safari house in Africa. An incredible 4 bedroom house that sleeps around 8-10 on the banks of the Chongwe River with spectacular views of all the incredible wildlife and the nearby mountain escarpment. The house is built to follow the natural lines of the environment and there is not a straight line to be seen. Furniture has been carved out of a fallen Winterthorn tree and I felt as if I was in The Flintstones luxury house – especially when the prehistoric elephants were nearby. Splendid outdoor area with huge plunge pool and garden.

We didn’t stay in the River house, we stayed in the equally amazing Albida Suite, closer to the confluence of the Zambezi and the Chongwe river so even more wildlife to admire. The main difference being that our area had two en-suite luxury tents set either side of a canopied sitting/dining area and therefore you had more of a feeling of being at one with nature (give or take the decanters!), which was exactly what we were looking for.

I’ve put lots of photos of our accommodation with the elephants dropping in for a visit in previous posts so won’t add too many others now (which I have to say is breathtakingly exciting except when they push their luck and get themselves wedged around the side of your tent and break in to your ensuite bathroom)…..

Here are some photos of the River House should you be interested:-

Best Safari House In Africa 2011 award:-

Here was our Albida tented suite:-

Another visitor:-

So that’s it then. The end of our trip. I’ve got SO many other photos to show you but you’re probably bored now. Maybe I’ll do one more post, with our best ones…..

In the meantime I just wanted to say a big thank you to the fantastic team at Chongwe River camp who made our visit so memorable – especially to Caroline who managed to keep us where we wanted to be for an extra night by reshuffling things….

AND a big thank you also to our tour organisers Expert Africa – I’m not getting paid to say this but the company, owned by Chris McIntyre who has written numerous books on Africa are just what they say on the packet – experts in their field. They knew exactly where to send us for what we wanted and organised everything beautifully. I’ve used them before and I’d definitely use them again.


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