I feel a little rung out. It’s been a busy few months, filled with birthdays and operations. Mostly we’re all trying to help my mother move back home and live independently after three months in hospital. She’s doing OK with carers visiting every day and meals on wheels once a day, but it’s still a huge worry. Obviously she wants to be at home, but we’d all feel happier if she was in a safer environment so that she doesn’t fall. Anyway, she now has to have yet another operation on her spine. This time on her neck. This will be her fourth back operation and I guess the last, as there is simply no more spine left to operate on after this. Keeping everything crossed that it will be a success this time around.

Such a shame she hasn’t been able to get out and about to witness the glorious autumn colours:-

So in the meantime, in amongst all that worry we’ve celebrated my daughter’s 23rd birthday and my 50 something birthday. Both resulting in late night parties back at the ranch which I still don’t seem to be able to retire gracefully to bed from. One day maybe…but they’re just too much fun!

So as there’s no time to write much, I’m just going to add a few pictures for the records:-

Her party hat:-

Birthday girl:-

Her party:-

Our birthday coffee on the day:-

Me and the kids:-

True to form, look at the recurring theme in all the cards I got!:-

My party, with two out of three children featuring in the photo and a friend who’d been at the rugby all day!:-

Our traditional “circle of life” photo (sadly minus my mother and brother’s this year):-

I have decided that we should find something to celebrate most days of the week and am working on that idea, because when times are tough, finding something positive in amongst it all is just the best way forward.


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