OMG. Is there anything cooler for a mother/daughter trip to New York to incorporate going to see one of the finest examples of an older woman strutting her stuff? I took my daughter to the Highline Ballroom, a small intimate venue packed full of mostly men – but she’s still got a diverse following – it wasn’t all fat old blokes in tight t-shirts like Pink Floyd fans or ageing women like Tom Jones – it’s a real mixture.

SHE IS SO COOL. Initially I was a little worried. She came out in sunglasses and quite a lot of clothes and didn’t move very much and her hair is a little, well, a little too Blonde, which I guess in her case is entirely acceptable.

She just got better as her set progressed. Started moving around the stage with that attitude she does so well, stripped down to something more sexy and her voice was good and it was just a great evening and she’s f*cking 66!!!!

Honestly. You couldn’t find a better role model for the older woman. She is an inspiration. I’m going to walk about New York in my pants today.


  1. I saw them a couple of years ago and she was really good. I hope I’m like that when I’m her age.

  2. Sounds like the most brilliant mother/daughter trip, and you sooo will not ever need surgery x

  3. panagiotis pitsiougas on

    she is still unique,Debbie i am sure that she corresponds well at every live performance,last time i saw her live was 1999 at bexleyheath square at London when i was a student of psychology there,well certainly she’s got a lot more to say yet

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