So all we are left with are Bran and Gelina – individually both a lot less strong than the sum of their parts. Although my blog features issues on divorce from time to time, I have been late to comment on the split. That’s because I don’t really know what to say. Divorce is horrendous at the best of times – let alone when it’s being played out in front of the world and both sides are trying to set their respective scenes. Everyone reacts to divorce differently, but I think we can be fairly sure that as a couple they won’t be doing much “conscious uncoupling” – it just wouldn’t be their style.

One thing that will happen is that we will all take sides. I remember when they started having their passionate love affair. When he was still married to Jennifer Anniston. I could relate to her hugely – we were both in the same boat so I felt really shocked and personally aggrieved when they got together, got pregnant, had other children moments later – it just all felt so fast and unreal (and I predicted then that it would all end in tears). At the time we were all either Team Jen (yup, she still can’t escape) or Team Angelina…which means that we now take our strong little opinions and dump them on to the next battlefield. Team Brad or Team Angelina. Which one is it to be? We will all devour the information put out there, but it’s unlikely that we will be swayed either way from our innate sense of sympathy which allows us to dismiss one side of the story and believe the other. The reactions – especially the ones about the demise of love and marriage, I think are largely because their fairy tale life was on speed dial. Played out to us all but in half the time of “normal” people and we all know the saying “marry in haste, repent at leisure”. They didn’t marry early, but they didn’t need to. The marriage was an attempt to keep it all together I suspect. But who knows.

Whichever side you choose, I hope that everyone remembers that there are children involved and they will be the ones who suffer when having to read about all the stories. It would have been good to suggest that they avoid using the media circus, but it’s far too late for that. They are the media circus and the public unravelling of their marriage is going to be very hard to deal with for all concerned.

Whether there was a particular incident, or just a long slow decline that needed one last push, is neither here nor there. They are where they are and I just hope that they can find a way to manage their differences without it becoming ever more destructive.

There are no winners in this game (apart from the lawyers) and I feel sorry for them all because at this rate of accusations flying, they are in for a long, hard, bloody battle and it might very well destroy them in the process.

  1. Fortunately in this country we have Don the Con and his antics to take the media spotlight off them.

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