Like everyone else, I am slowly but surely losing the will to live over the ineptitude of our government to reach a fucking solution. TWO YEARS and it has come to scrabbling around at the 11th hour and now we are expected to have a further wait and to add yet MORE new words to our lexicon.  “Malthouse Compromise” – WTF is that – something to do with the back stop, but I’m not the only one who isn’t clear on the detail.

I feel like shutting down and finding somewhere to stick my head in the sand, which is frankly the worst thing to do, when there is still at least a tiny glimmer of hope that someone, ANYONE? might decide that consulting the will of the people could possibly be the least worst option right now. Quite understandably most people are of the opinion that we should just get on with it now, but it’s not easy trying to balance being furious with being pragmatic and that applies to both Leavers and Remainers.  What Brexit seems to have achieved above all else is to highlight the disgraceful shambles, the lack of leadership and catastrophic brinkmanship occurring and it might just eventually break our political system.

Watching Teresa May’s smug little face thinking she triumphed last week by doing a total volte face, to make her party look like they were still united was painful.  It will be anything but a triumph to have a chaotic exit with no withdrawal agreement and will represent a massive failure on both sides. Surely she’s not prepared to continue running down the clock given that Brussels is highly unlikely to budge?

Talk of a second referendum or “Final Say” has gone quiet and seems less likely at this late stage, despite being the most logical choice because every other option has literally dissolved. It makes the most democratic sense – the public triggered Brexit, therefore the public should now be give the right to give their newly informed consent on it’s final form. The simple fact of the matter is that the terms have significantly changed from that which we voted for in the first place. It is no good being neither in or fully out and why would we want to support something that is manifestly against Britain’s national interest? What was promised couldn’t be delivered and what is on offer is a woefully inferior version.

Hopefully the EU will agree to give her more time, in order to avoid a no deal scenario. They know they will be blamed for the mass confusion if they don’t.

Perhaps that will be time enough perhaps for Vince Cable to get a new cross-party team together to sort this all out or would she dare call a snap election?

Jeremy Corbyn must be spending his evenings picking splinters out of his arse as he continues to sit on the fence, whilst looking more and more removed from his party’s centre of gravity and his woeful excuses (strategy?) to avoid a second vote by continuously suggesting an election are wearing very, very thin.

So now what? I’m going to make up another word for the whole sorry affair.  “BREXINTINE’S DAY”- possibly the day of reckoning whereby a decision is made, the next series of votes in parliament on the 14th February.  What will happen then I wonder???? (apart from them all losing their half term holidays). I am predicting that is when her short-lived “triumph” will fail.


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