I am thinking about packing and my “capsule” wardrobe. It is doing my head in because instead of thinking – “black trouser suit with skirt, one pair of flat and high shoes, white shirt, evening dress” and similar such grown up things that people who work do or people who regularly travel effortlessly to glamourous destinations, I am thinking:-

First I have got to sort three children out who need football kit, cricket kit, party clothes, day clothes, PJ’s, shoes, bla, bla and I have to do about 10 loads of washing before I can begin to think about sorting my own clothes out and then do I actually own ANYTHING that goes with anything else? Let alone an entire capsule (whatever that is). What was I thinking when I bought a couple of individual items that don’t go together at all. What is the look I want to achieve? WHAT am I going to wear with the new leggings I have just bought because all my friends are wearing them and clearly, although they have been around for over two years and my daughter wears them, they have now crossed over from “passing fad to wardrobe necessity” (according to Lisa Armstrong in The Times) and they are being touted around town as the recession purchase of the century because they are so cheap and versatile, they still don’t really work for someone like me because I have absolutely no tops that come over my bum or any short floaty dresses which means that I will either have to look like a very sad and aging Sandy from Grease with large saggy bits on show OR I will have to go out and buy a whole to set of clothes-that-cover-your-arse to go with my new very cheap leggings. Will it be too hot for jeans? (quickly check weather and it is 35C and thunderstorms) Great so yes, too hot for jeans but need to quickly rush out and buy a cagoule. Can I get away with flip flops with my hideous feet and SHIT completely forgot to have a pedicure so rubbish toenails that are STILL too short having taken advice from Breast Cancer walk officials who told us to cut them short to avoid them falling off so although they haven’t fallen off I have in-growing toenails instead. ANYWAY, luckily I have recently purchased one of the top 10 fashion item of the summer which is a MUST HAVE item for anyone with bunions and that is the “Gladiator” sandals that go so beautifully with my new leggings. Mine don’t look quite as scary as the one’s below but for those of you who live in Tanzania, or happen to be male (sexist comment entirely intentional and the irony that men used to be the one’s to wear them not entirely wasted on me) here is an example of what they look like:-

They are great if you want to hide horrid feet because they have all manner of strappy, leathery, heavy metal to wrap around offending bits. Mine even have studs on too. They are truly hideous, but trust me, they are nowhere near as hideous as my feet so I’m very very happy. I wore them to collect my 8 year old from school – “OMG mum, WHAT are you wearing on your feet? Did you actually BUY those? They look very scary – like something is going to spike out and kill me at any time”.

So far then, my “in-my-head-packing-list” consists of:

One pair of leggings
One pair of scary sandals
New laptop to cover top of legs and bulging stomach
New laptop case to cover exposed arse
Cagoule to cover all of the above.

Hardly what you’d call capsule as yet. This is a disaster. Perhaps what I need to do is buy a small case or container and simply cut arm and leg holes in it. That would look perfect with leggings.

  1. Mud in the City on

    You can get a pedi in Asia for tuppence and all manner of cheapy dresses/T shirts is you've forgotten any. It'll be hot, hot, hot and humid. Go for comfort – linen wide leg trews and comfy skirts. I'm sure you've got it all sorted!

  2. family affairs on

    Thanks Mud – but I haven't got any wide linen trousers – and I can't wear skirts without thick tights and boots because my legs are white and hairy …. and I haven't even started on swimming pool attire – do you think I'll be allowed to wear my cagoule in the pool? (at least in rhymes) Lx

  3. Proof if ever it were needed that you must never stop writing this blog. Just read this over breakfast muesli – hilarious as ever.
    Have a great time
    Can I do a guest spot critique on the Pet shop Boys gig?

  4. Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? on

    You have made me chuckle.

    You'll look great in leggings, bum on or off show!

    Have a lovely time … ooh isn't that the name of a great new family travel website?

  5. family affairs on

    thanks "m" and I'd love you to do a PSB review – take some photos then I can make a comparison between now and then Lx

    Thx Laura and good luck with your move! Lx

  6. Womanatwork on

    I'm sure you'll look great in the leggings but cover your bum otherwise you might get 'bum heckled' by admirers. I'd opt for the wardrobe full of new floaty tops.

  7. Fat, frumpy and fifty... on

    You off on your travels again…lucky you…how do you find the time or money to do this?? We havent been abroad since the kids were born and we have two incomes!! Must be doing something wrong..LOL

    did l hear you right, you are taking your laptop on holiday? Are you envisaging having a terrible time then? Why not use the spare space for some lovely books or 6 oh god I wish….?!

  8. Ha ha. You obviously didnt pay attention to a recent post I did on 80s clothes then? Leggings should only be worn in the gym – what's the point of buying clothes that you then have to disguise in some way!

  9. Littlemummy on

    Can't wait to see your blogging of the trip, loving reading about everyone's travels this year, travel blogging is taking off 🙂

  10. Good luck with the fashion dramas, and the scanning of all those photos!!

    So glad to hear your grandmother has bounced back, and I really loved the Britney review, too! 🙂

  11. Try a variety of hemlines, to make each dress unique. The dress below the knee, can be cut on one side shorter than the others. Beginning just above the hem on one side and cut at an angle to reach much higher on the opposite side of the stain… Just my 2 cents : )

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