Yesterday’s second Cybermummy conference was a huge success. Bigger and better than their first one last year and clearly enjoyed by all. I met up with lots of my invisible friends and learnt a huge amount from the various workshops provided.

Sarah Brown did a little speech in the morning:-

Later Rachel Johnson talked about how bloggers had been responsible for her losing 12 columns in quick succession and warned of the dangers of writing about your nearest and dearest (but with no intention to stop herself at any time soon it seems). Here she is with my friend Jennifer Howze, one of the founder members:-

There were loads of sponsors and lots of swag to give away. This was my favourite stall though – details about holidays in Mauritius – which appealed more than the baby wipes and nappies I have moved on from I have to say:-

We managed to get a group photo of 5 out of the original Disney 7, with the gorgeous Sarah Hodson from Disney:-

I’m going to tell you everything I learnt about Twitter now because I have clearly been doing it all wrong……but I’ll put it on a separate post.

  1. Great to see you again. One question – Does Jennifer Howze take a bad photo? Ever?

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