I have just been sent a press release via a friend from a dubious source (a dating site for married and attached people looking to have an affair – really, really not good at all) but nevertheless I was interested in the announcement that women have more sexual partners than men do.


Is that true?

According to survey results released today, “men are all talk and women are all action and women across the globe are having better, longer and much more sex with their partners and lovers than men.”

I am clearly off the richter scale on this (in the wrong direction) as on average, women experienced approximately four sexual partners in the last year, while men only had three. When looking into how many days per week people are sexually active, women are having sex approximately 4.9 days per week, while men are lagging behind at just 4.1 days.

Do you not think that this could be because the people they polled are already on their websites and clearly sex obsessed? If they surveyed the average person on the street who thinks it’s OK to stay in the marriage even if you’re not having sex, or OK to not have sex at all if there are no reasonable people to have sex with and who thinks it’s definitely not OK to have sex with someone who is also having sex with someone else? MOST especially if they are still married to them.

Apparently the majority of women (29.3%) surveyed say they have sex with their long-term partner on a daily basis. Surprisingly, an equal number of women say they have sex with their lover every day (28.2%) and some, just once a month (28.2%). So these women are married and have got lovers too? Greedy I say. Share them out with the rest of us who don’t have either.

One-night stands may be a thing of the past, with a definite trend of both male (38.3%) and female (37.1%) saying they just don’t bother with a one-time hook up. Nearly a third of both sexes say they might give it a go with a stranger once a year.

Those in long-term relationships don’t waste much time on getting passionate apparently. The majority of women (39.3%) say they have sex with their partner in less than five minutes (FIVE MINUTES????) but will spend up to 30 minutes having sex with a lover (26.5%). Almost one-third of men (30.2%) say sex with their partner takes 15 minutes, and up to 30 minutes with their lover (28.5%).

Generally speaking, the men (26.9%) and women (28.2%) polled slept with only one person last year, and men were more likely to sleep with two (19.4%). Shockingly, women who didn’t sleep with one man last year were more likely to have jumped in the sack with more than 10 (15.5%).

Data for this survey was collected from 15 countries: Sweden, United States, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Norway, Poland, France, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic and South Africa.

  1. It’s hard to know what to believe anymore. I have several friends who have not had a sexual relationship with their husbands since their last child was conceived, because their husbands are no longer interested! These are vibrant, attractive women! I also know many women see it as a chore, and not making a connection with their spouse.
    And yes, those women with a lover AND a husband need to pick one for those of us with neither!

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