In haste, as I’m rushing for the train to work, I just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone before it was too late. How am I already behind schedule? One of my resolutions was to ensure things get done on time and I’m already failing at that. Which suggests that I am going to fail at all my other resolutions, so I’ve decided not to bother with many. I’m not going to try and stop eating and drinking because that will just make January feel like a very loooooong month – so I’m going to drink Dry Gin for the whole month and not wine (and a bit of food of course).

Pretty convinced that all that wine and champagne over the festive period has caused an increase in cramps anyway. Am I the only one with the theory that Sauvignon Blanc causes cramps in women of a certain age? You should see my Pilates class at this time of year – we are all rolling around in agony during most of the moves involving kneeling down. Painful (but hilarious.)

I don’t want to take my tree down now. I know lots of people want to get everything out of the way once New Year is over, but we only managed to get our tree up on the 23rd December and it’s still going strong. So sparkly. So I’m waiting until the last minute – the 12th day this Saturday before dismantling the tree and putting away the decorations.

The most joyous new decoration, which I wonder if I can keep going all year is one I bought in New York in November. Everyone loves it – even my mother declared that she wants one and she never normally wants anything! A sparkly snow tree, that changes colour. It’s gorgeous and might just keep everyone happy throughout this month, especially as I can see my children and everyone else is a little low on energy and joie de vivre. Is it any wonder that tomorrow is the most popular day to book a holiday.

Wish I could show you a bit of video footage of it – it’s mesmerising as it changes colour:-

Going to miss the train if I don’t rush!!


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