HELP ME!! All my children are in dire need of holiday funds and whilst my entreprenerial daughter has already got herself a job, my youngest child (aged 13) is too young so needs help.

This morning he’s up bright and early ready to help me with chores.

This is frankly a disaster and marginally difficult because I slightly feel that these jobs should be done for free in manner of kindness and community love.

Everything takes twice as long once children have attempted to clean things I find.

I don’t want him to wash the car because last time he ruined it by using a brillo pad.

I don’t want him to sort the garden because last time I gave that job to my older son he cut all the wrong things down.

I don’t want him to sort out clothes or cupboards because it will only go wrong.


It is easier just to pay him to go out.

Actually, I think that might be his tactic.

ps – he’s just cleaned my outside table for me – good job (not):-



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