I have now deposited my daughter with my mother for two weeks. Not sure who will break first. She’s set up all her books and files by the window in the sitting room. I hope they don’t drive each other mad….

Talking of going mad, I went to visit my Grandmother yesterday who is living near my mother in a Dementia home. I’m afraid it’s not my favourite place and I really don’t think I could work there but all the helpers and nurses are lovely. The “inmates” are terrifying though. They loom up at you and say random things when you least expect it. It’s sad, but at least they are in a safe environment and cared for.

My grandmother is tiny and quite deaf – although she’s given up trying to put hearing aids in – I don’t think she wants to listen to anyone anymore. Don’t frankly blame her. Perhaps that’s how she copes. She seems, thankfully, very happy and giggly. I brought her an easter egg but the woman sitting next to her stole it and said she was going to keep it – so I put it in her room….we sat in the communal sitting room and I tried to make conversation with her but she doesn’t know who I am or what I am saying. So mostly I just held her hand and she grinned at me. She talks about all the others in a very loud voice – “see the woman sitting next to me?” she says and I nod “well she’s very sweet but unbelievably stupid” and I just have to hope that woman sitting next to her is deaf too because she didn’t appear to respond. She did tell me what lovely teeth I had – but that frankly wasn’t difficult compared to the selection in there – either all missing or huge and brown. She told me she was learning Spanish but finding it difficult, that the Germans had shot out all her teeth and that sitting at the table with all the Japanese was difficult because she couldn’t understand them – “most of the people here are prisoners” she said “but if you’re not sure who is who, look out for the people that are smiling – they’re the prisoners”. Did she think she was in a prisoner of war camp? Her mind certainly seems to be regressing further and further into the past every time I see her. Everybody seemed to be called either George or Bertie…

So now I”m back and on my own. Going to collect my youngest son in a minute from his dad’s house. Strange start to the Easter holidays then. No children.

One in Thailand where everything is “awesome” and “chilled”. I’ve not heard from him for days now. Probably a good thing. Seen a few photos from Chiang Mai:-

Weirdest picture of a hippo ever:-

Very cute baby elephant and son who clearly made the right decision in not choosing to be a vet:-

Sad and wrong:-

The rest of photos are just as you imagine they would be – beach or bar shots with many people grinning and dancing and holding bottles of beer and fags and hugging at least three people at the same time.


  1. Took me a while to figure out the hippo one I have to say!

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