Calling all female engineers. PLEASE redesign a more female friendly Mammogram machine. I had a routine Mammogram yesterday. Honestly, I do wonder why they haven’t yet invented a slightly more comfortable machine than simply shoving each breast into a press. Maybe with a cup shape attached so that it fits around the breast more comfortably? It’s painful for women to have their breasts squished between two plates and then viced into place whilst a photo is taken FOUR times from different angles. Even more painful when you’ve got small boobs like me – you then have to be heaved in from the back in order to get enough breast into the plates before the vice is attached. It is positively prehistoric.


Even more depressingly, the woman who did it for me told me it may be less painful than the one I had five years ago because as we get older our breast are more full of fatty tissue rather than glandular tissue so they are more moldable (aka floppy)….


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