WHAT are we supposed to be wearing this summer? Pastel jackets says my friend. Short jeans? Do these work on old legs? Floral skirts? Where from? Fluro seems to be a bit of a theme – is that right? HELP. Need to read magazines or something. WHAT?

Bumped into my friend in the street yesterday. It was cold and about to rain and here were her spectacularly lovely toes.

They cheered me up:-







Family Affairs “Where In The World” update

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section, but I’d also ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see a photo and read a few words here about your choice:-


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  1. I’m just going to create my own style this year because I look terrible in pastel shades.
    Lovely toes, yes.

  2. I do love the brightly coloured jeans though – I’m wondering if I should invest in a pair for an upcoming trip 😉

  3. I think short jeans can look dodgy on the podgy – which is definitely not you so go for it! Doing my toes now inspired by your friend x

    • Family Affairs on

      I hadn’t given any thought to how hideous my calves are going to look in those short tight jeans – so bulge from both ends. Not good. Lx

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