I have been asked by several of my friends and family (well, one actually) to post the eulogy I wrote for my Grandmother’s funeral. Bit odd, but nevermind…it will be good to include it in my online diary. I wrote in a letter format, as if written by her. I start off by using the beginning of a world famous war poem by Rupert Brook – obviously no disrespect intended.

If I should die, think only this of me,
That there’s a small glass of whisky on a corner table somewhere
That is forever topped up.

I would hope that I will be remembered by those who loved me,
for my extraordinary ability to talk to anyone and everyone,
no matter what age, creed or colour
about anything and everything.

I am delighted to know that I have instilled in my children and my grandchildren
a deep sense of interest in the world, a strong sense of self
and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity.

I want you to celebrate my life and to take away with you the lessons I have taught you:
The art of living:

Be positive. Be happy. Make time for everyone.
Get drunk. Live life. Love. Laugh. Dance till dawn
and make sure that every little event, no matter how small is turned into a party.

My parents are picking up her ashes later today and my mother has decided to keep her in their booze cabinet for the time being. I think she’ll be relatively happy there for a while. Then I think we’re going to take her to a London hotel, dance all night to a jazz band whilst sprinkling little bits of her all over the floor….we’ll probably get arrested.

  1. A Mother's Place is in the Wrong on

    Dear Lulu, what a lovely speech/letter for your grandmother. I’m sure she would have been happy with that. I never had the chance to do anything like that for my grandparents – I can see that it would be a fitting tribute to a happy family relationship. Regards, Margot xx
    PS. What good advice, to turn every event into a party!

  2. Absoluetly lovely!! Your grandmother would have loved it. I love all the advice in your speech. I may have to print it and hang it in my office.

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