My daughter has had her Spanish oral exam now and is very relieved that is over. I think it went better than she expected so finger’s crossed – although to be fair it was never going to go any worse than she expected given how much she struggles with the subject.

She’s been very anxious about it. I haven’t been able to help and it’s been very frustrating to have absolutely no clue what she’s talking about (although this is becoming a regular issue I have to say).

I’ve been able to bring her cups of tea and biscuits and buy her new stationery. Yesterday as we set off for the exam she asked me to run back to her room – she’d forgotten something. I thought this was pushing my services a little too far “oh please mum, go on I’ll time you….” When my children were little “go on I’ll time you” was SO successful in getting them to do anything. Eat. Get dressed. Clean their teeth. Run. Brilliant. Now, it’s payback time.

I’m taking her to stay with my mother for two weeks tomorrow. She is bracing herself for an Easter of revision and has decided this is where she is going to be able to shut herself away and get on with her revision. Brilliant. My mother lives in the middle of nowhere. She is going to give her Grandmother her phone and focus. However. Slight problem as of a few days ago. My mother has announced that a divorced man and his girlfriend have moved in to the flat above her. With. His. Two. Teenage. Boys.

“OMG” I said to her. “That’s a disaster – what do they look like?”.

“Oh, don’t worry” she said, “I’m quite sure she won’t be interested – one is a professional footballer so he’s already left school at 17 and the other plays squash for the country I think…..”

WON’T BE INTERESTED??? Are you kidding me.

Will have to get my mother to keep a beady eye on her (she’s good at that I recall from being the same age) and keep me informed. Bloody typical. That would never have happened to me at that age. I’d have moped around talking to hedgehogs and old people and wondering where all the action was. Still, at least it might be a nice distraction for her in her small but regular breaks.

  1. I will also be playing the GCSE mum role over the next few months. Getting mine out of bed to actually start revising this holiday is the main job.

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