Really? Is it that time AGAIN? The first day of December. On this day, every year, my children have to remind me that it is Advent Calendar day and I have to rush out and buy the dregs. This always astonishes me, because on several occasions in the last month I have nearly brought them, but decided that it was too early and not at all necessary because I thought I still had plenty of time…and now I don’t have any time left at all. This is going to be the same for every single bit of Christmas – it will be the bloody tree next that everyone will be hassling me to put up.

I am getting a teeny bit worried that I am turning into The Grinch.

However, this Facebook post from a friend of my son’s made me laugh. YOLO he posted earlier today – You Only Live Once – and then a photo of the entire advent calendar completely devoid of any chocolates. He’s eaten them all in one go!

Very funny….



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