HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all! It’s been a quiet one in my house so far, but the children and my brothers are coming over today to make up for our tiny Christmas day. My children left at 1pm to go and spend the rest of the day with their father and his new family as we take it in turns every year. It always seems to be feast or famine – one year there are millions of us, the next year, just me and my mother. My brothers alternate Christmas between us and their in-laws, so this year it was just the two of us and as soon as the children left, she went back to bed. So I spent the day pottering around and reading my new book on “Speeches Of Note” which stopped me from feeling sorry for myself because a few of them are written by people who are about to be murdered by the state and reading their final words before being hanged or given a lethal injection was horrendously moving.

So, despite it being a rather Silent Day, it felt quite peaceful enjoying “Silent Night” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and counting my blessings. It’s taken me years of being a single parent to finally be OK with my children leaving and it always helps to think about those people in far worse positions than we are all in. My incredibly positive mother is now in a wheelchair after her unsuccessful back operation and is going to have to have another big operation in the middle of January so my main aim was to ensure she had a Happy Christmas (I didn’t bring up Brexit once!! Very proud of myself).

To be fair, it wasn’t really her fault that she was tired. She is having to sleep in the sitting room because she can’t walk very well and stairs are a problem. She was woken up in the early hours (3am) by my daughter who couldn’t get back in the house because my son had bolted it firmly shut when he came in at 2am and she’d left her phone at a friends house so couldn’t call me and I had passed out after our fun Christmas eve in the pub so didn’t hear her shouting. She managed to finally rouse my mother, who then had to climb the stairs and wake my son up to open the door. After all our efforts to look after her – how bad is that? Thankfully, she didn’t fall.

Here we are at the pub on Christmas eve:-

My daughter and mother together:-

Getting pushed home by lovely (less pissed) friend:-

Christmas day:-

So my mother and I had a very easy Christmas meal for two, chatting away whilst drinking champagne and eating chocolates.

Now I’m bracing myself for the family onslaught and round two!

Our meal à deux which as usual I’ve managed to make look very unappealing:-

She ate all the chocolates:-

Oh and we had the cat too – guarding the vodka no doubt:-


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