I have bought the mountain of sweets we shouldn’t be eating and the spider’s web to stretch over the front door, but I have none of my own children here to take out Trick or Treating anymore. To be honest, I haven’t had children to take Trick or Treating for years and it’s been a huge relief. Last year I’m pretty sure I turned out all the lights, grinch style and locked myself in the kitchen to avoid all the fuss. This year, for some reason I’m all excited to see the little kids at the door. I even considered (briefly) whether it would be weird to dress up and go out by myself. Don’t answer that..I know.

So I will stay by the door and open it to lots of tiny excitable children and wonder where all those years have gone and why I have three children staying with me at the moment that aren’t mine!

I am wondering what younger parents think about all that inappropriate sugar these days and how to manage the sackful of goodies. I still think one of the funniest Youtube videos was the kids who all thought their parents had eaten their hoard! Not sure why, because it sure is the meanest thing to do to those kids – they are devastated! Sure I don’t need to attach it this year because you’ve already seen it, but I’m going to anyway:-

Last year, my youngest had a great costume to wear – was a rather terrifying “Spiderman” suit:-

This year, he’s out with mates, probably looking something like this:-


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