I feel sorry for my firstborn child, I really do. He has had to go through his whole life assuming that I was a shit cook because, well…because I am and so he will remember his childhood as mainly spent staring endlessly into the fridge, wondering if there was anything to eat for supper. So much so (and this of course was part of my cunning plan) he started cooking lots of the family meals himself. In particular, Spaghetti Bolognese, which, by the time he left home, we were eating most nights of the week (changing it to tacos with any spare meat) and as a result of which, he can now make it more successfully than most people and is a fully fledged capable adult.

This is unlike my other two children, who despite being very capable cooks, are now living in a parallel universe of endlessly exotic and ever changing meals. This is thanks to two friends recommending that I try “Hello Fresh” and it is as if we’ve had some sort of spiritual awakening. WHY DIDN’T WE GET IT YEARS AGO? It is a great concept for busy families.  Especially single parent households.  It has taken absolutely all the stress out of mealtimes.  For us anyway.  It has certainly only come up on my radar in the last year and I was fairly reluctant to try it because it all sounded a bit like a faff, expensive, too much of a commitment and something that I’d forget to cancel until I couldn’t get back into my house for boxes all piled up outside going mouldy (if the foxes didn’t get them).

How wrong I was.  The meals work out at around £12 each and they give you calorie and ingredient information online.

This was my first attempt – I had to be dragged over to friends house to test it out first and look what I made all by myself!:-

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

We have subsequently been getting three meals for two, every week (generous portions that we can almost share in the unlikely event that three of us are in for supper) for the last few months and we haven’t been disappointed by one of them. Very occasionally one of the ingredients is left out (like a clove of garlic), or the delivery has been late, but no biggie complaints. Each box comes with separate paper bags full of all the fresh ingredients required for each meal so there is no wastage at all. The fresh meat and dairy are kept in a cold bag to go straight in the fridge.

The website is easy to follow and you can choose from around 12 meals each week (and there are veggie options). Each meal comes with a step by step recipe that any fool like me can follow and the results are spectacular. It has meant that when I’m working, one of my children can enjoy the preparation and satisfaction that any foodie knows well and they even manage to save me some.

Each meal takes no longer than 45 minutes to prepare and cook, most take less time. I like the fact that you have to do a bit of chopping, grating and mixing, because that adds to the freshness of the whole meal.

This is not a sponsored post, it is just a thank you to Hello Fresh for being so clever and coming up with an urban concept that really works in our hectic lives.

One suggestion would be to think about how to reduce all the plastic packaging down to a minimum. Then we’d all be happier.

I’ve got some free ones to give away now to friends, but maybe if and when Hello Fresh themselves see this, they might let me giveaway a few more you anyone else who wants to give it a go.  I’ll let you know.


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