So impressed with my sister-in-law who made a spectacular Barbie Birthday cake for her four year old daughter’s birthday party. I clearly failed at cake making as it was mostly my youngest son who had to be creative and make the cakes for all the birthdays – mainly his own. The one I was proudest of was a Sponge Bob Square Pants cake that everyone then confused with Bart Simpson.

So as I was over the night before the party, I managed to get a photo story of the whole process – very clever indeed.

Obviously you don’t need to be told how to make three Victoria sponge cakes – that’s the easy bit.

Here she is looking a little bit naked in the hole that’s been cut out in the middle of the cake for her. ¬†Good idea to keep arms up and hair out of the way:-

Barbie 1

Vanilla icing going on – you can make it from scratch or buy the Betty Crocker version that we all know and love:-

Barbie 2

Fondant icing that you can buy in sheets if you CBA to make it.  Roll it out a little thinner and then drape in manner of Disney princess:-

Barbie 3

The icing for the piping with your food colouring of choice:-


And so begins the difficult bit – massively improved by a large glass of Malbec I suspect!

Barbie 4

Barbie 5

Once all the swirly bits are on you can add additional silver balls (although kids hate those) or sparkly bits – don’t forget to decorate the top part of her dress:-

Barbie 6

Here she is in all her flaming glory – the perfect cake for a Cinderella party:-

Barbie 7

She even manages to style it out under difficult circumstances – or maybe after being trapped in a cake overnight she was desperate for a wee!:-

Barbie 8

  1. Gosh she’s like one of those dollies who used to sit on spare loo rolls many moons ago! Once upon a time a friend decorated an entire Christmas tree with Barbies – it looked strangely wonderful x

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