How To Survive Easter as a single parent.

Whilst I’m still certainly not in a position of authority on how to survive Easter as a single parent, I have now had quite a few years of experience and this year was most definitely the best Easter yet! You can see my progress in my blog post this year called Good Friday – I’ve had many, many Bad Friday’s or Indifferent Friday’s or indeed Horrendous Friday’s for various reasons, but this year was actually a Very Good Friday. This year we cracked it! (excuse the Easter pun).

We all got together for a roast lamb lunch on Sunday with family and friends and guess what? My son cooked the whole thing! He had a huge hangover from the night before, so I had to wake him up to put the lamb in and at that point it was very tempting to just do it myself, but that was not the point. He even went out during the week and bought all the ingredients. Admittedly I had to go back to the shops several times on Sunday to buy the missing items, but I wasn’t complaining. Of course it’s very tempting (and often a lot easier) to do it yourself because the mess and the number of saucepans and utensils involved can be horrendous. Potato and carrot peelings all stuck to the floor and the side of the bin, grease everywhere, smeary mess too, but nevertheless, it’s a start. He didn’t quite gauge the quantities required, so we were a little low on vegetables, but again, it’s worth the experimentation because he’s only going to get better over time.

I mean honestly, could the presentation and quantity have been any worse? Can’t quite believe they all agreed it was the best roast they had ever had in my house!

That said, I really enjoyed not having to cook for a change and was happy to take all the criticism that went on amongst my three children and their friends about his roast being the best roast they had ever tasted and far better than any one I had ever cooked. Because the thing is, it’s great to get your kids involved, not only in the cooking, but in the whole domestic process (working on the other bits – trying to get them to wash more than two pairs of pants at the same time etc). It’s simply a matter of learning how to relinquish some of the control and pass it on to your children (or your friends) instead.

My Aussie friend brought round the Pavlova – delicious!

Then in the evening we all went out together to an open mike night – with my mother in tow and had a lovely relaxed time chatting and singing (not me).

So my recommendations on how to survive Easter as a single parent include the following:-

1. If you have your children with you, try and involve them in the cooking process from a young age. Or setting the table, or sorting out the Easter egg hunt, or whatever. They will enjoy it and it’s good practice for the future and frankly you need all the help you can get.

2. If you don’t have your children with you, make plans to be with friends, or have a group round for lunch. Don’t be alone or you will consume your body weight in chocolate and be miserable.

3. Relax about the mess that occurs, it’s only temporary and it’s good practice moving forward – maybe one day they will learn how to clean up as well!

4. Work as a team, the best thing about being a single parent is that you are so much closer to your children because of it. Make the most of this and cherish it.

5. The real key is learning how to let go and simply enjoy the chaos! In other words, try and be in the moment and appreciate all that you have, rather than all that you are missing!

If you have any advice on how to survive – do let me know and I can add it to the list.


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