How to vote tactically? That is the ultimate question we must ask ourselves for this upcoming snap election. It will be really interesting to see whether Theresa May and other MP’s have underestimated the sea change that might (hopefully) happen regarding Brexit as it appears from the polls that opposition to Brexit has reached record highs. I wonder how many people have either changed their minds on leaving the EU now they realise how complicated it is or whether there will be a surge in numbers of young people who didn’t get out to vote last time and have regretted it ever since.

The issue of Brexit is too important to ignore and so we need to focus on being open minded about the Brexit negotiations rather than who will ultimately be Prime Minister. Do we really want to give Theresa May our full backing to do what she likes? In every constituency, if you care about this issue, then we will need to find out what pressure we can put on candidates to force them to say where they stand on this issue.

The Liberal Democrats are promising voters a second referendum – so perhaps they are the ones to vote for tactically? All will be revealed in the coming weeks as Gina Miller launches her tactical voting campaign for UK election. She has managed to raise £300,000 in just six days to support politicians who will push for a ‘real final vote’ on Brexit. The initiative is likely to be a boost for Liberal Democrats hoping to regain seats from the Conservatives and pro-remain Labour candidates who face big electoral challenges in party heartlands that voted leave.

The pro-EU campaigner is unveiling her “Best for Britain campaign – a plan to encourage tactical voting in the UK election to fight against an “extreme Brexit”. She has said on her fundraising page that she is aiming for “the biggest tactical voting effort in our history”. Gina Miller and Open Britain are part of a widespread effort to persuade voters to make tactical voting choices in the June 8 ballot, which has already seen lists of candidates to support circulate on Facebook and other social media sites. “This is the most important election for a generation. It’s crucial that people feel inspired to register and vote,” said Miller. “It is especially important for young people to vote as they will be living with the consequences of the decisions taken in the next parliament for their entire lives.”

We will wait and watch with interest, but any thoughts, please do let us know! It is clearly going to do my head in thinking about it!


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