For International Day of Families we all got together to celebrate my mother’s 75th birthday with a curry. All except my daughter who is currently in Australia. Nothing better than a gathering of the troops. So that, coupled with the splendid royal wedding yesterday it’s been a great week for celebrations. Family is everything.

The easy option:-

The universal pain of motherhood is in the act of letting go. You pour your heart and soul and everything you’ve got – blood, sweat and tears into raising your children and then all of a sudden you have to relinquish control of them and hope they are wise enough and lucky enough to keep themselves safe and happy. You cannot control the outcome. Yet everything you have done until that moment has been in preparation for giving them the life skills to cope on their own. To release them into the big wide world where they will have to get on without you. It’s very hard. You have to give yourself a very good talking to. Look where my daughter is – I can’t blame her for not wanting to come back:-

Still, if you’re lucky they yoyo back from time to time. My firstborn joined us for his Grandmother’s birthday celebrations and my youngest is just about to finish college and has already found gainful employment to start saving for his travels.

Our street party:-

So I’m off on a little trip because they should be able to cope without me for a few days (and not burn the house down).

Back soon!


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