Today is International Women’s Day, the day the United Nations has allocated to observe the triumphs and challenges faced by women around the world.

Not only is it to recognise factors such as law and order, food and shelter, work, economics, health and daily experiences where 2 billion women worldwide describe their condition as are “struggling” or “suffering.” But also to acknowledge the gender salary gap discrepancies between men and women – even more so black and Hispanic women.

Whilst women continue to make great strides in education this does not appear to close the gender gap for female workers.

But more than that, women are still not safe. WHERE ARE THE GIRLS WHO WERE KIDNAPPED IN NIGERIA BY BOKO HAREM? These are young girls who must be going through the most horrific time, if indeed they are still alive. I am quite sure the mothers are doing all that they can, but it’s not enough. Their voices aren’t loud enough. Imagine if it was our children in the West? Consider for a minute the difference in response. Unacceptable and unbelievably on Tuesday April 14th they will have been gone a year. A YEAR!! This is a disgrace and we should all be ashamed.

We have issues of FGM in the UK which I have written about here and just this week a 16 year old girl was murdered and dismembered by her step brother, another woman in labour was beaten by a gang of thugs and had her skull fractured. How could anyone do this to a woman giving birth? It is beyond belief. We need to do better.

So it is important to observe the day and unite as one unbelievably strong collective to do more, to say more and to support more.


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