I have just had a depressing grey haired conversation with my mother.

She thinks now “grey is the new blonde” I should come clean. “How grey would you actually be if you stopped dyeing your hair?”.

Silence. Some things are just not to be talked about in public.

YES. I HEARD THE RADIO 4 PROGRAMME TOO but there is a big difference between cool “fashion grey” and “normal grey”.

Somebody on the radio said “of course nobody actually pours a pot of dye over their heads in this day and age to cover the grey – hairdressers know how to blend it all in now” and I was thinking – “oh. I thought there was still quite a big market for pouring pots over your head – look how many isles are taken up with hair colour in Superdrug”.

Anyway, my mother thought to reassure me by saying, “well of course it would be difficult to blend in in your case, but you look lovely with short hair and then you can let it just go grey”.


Am I at the stage of life where my mother has to tell me I should be going grey gracefully? That stage when people get a fright when they see me from the front?

“Well, of course grey hair suits older skin so much better – it’s much softer”….

SO ARE WRINKLES IN FASHION NOW AS WELL or is everybody just having a laugh?

To be honest, I think wrinkles should be in fashion – sign of having lived a proper life but I’m not sure about the grey hair.

I saw Blondie in concert last week – she’s 66 now. She’s not grey yet – in fact she is so resolutely blonde that she could almost be wearing a wig. I’m going to be like her. Grow old disgracefully. Much more better. But just look at her face – how does she do that?? Somebody, please find me her plastic surgeon’s number immediately:-

  1. I am with you and will continue to pour pots of dye over my head most ungraciously or disgracefully or any other adjective that suits! My mother (very close to 70) has just, finally, said she’ll stop dying hers “ash-blonde” and let it be real grey, now that she has grandchildren. Here’s to aging disgracefully. I like that x

  2. My mom, now 68, stopped dying her hair a couple years ago. It is pure white. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but you know what? She looks a whole lot older now.

  3. She’s always had fantastic bone structure, but I think she’s starting to look a bit “wind-tunnel-ish” these days. But yeah – who wants grey?

  4. I’m 100% totally, utterly with you. My mother finally bowed to pressure from HER mother two years ago and went grey aged 64. That gives me 20 more years of not being grey. I can live with that, I think…

  5. After approx 22 years of having very expensive blonde highlights.. I am reverting to my natural colour of sort of mousey/fair.. It’s a big step and although my hair now matches my eyebrows for the first time in years, I’m still not sure.

    Judging by Debbie Harry, blondes do have more fun still don’t they?

    BM x

  6. It’s not her face that impresses me, it’s her neck and chest (above the boobs). That area really gives age away and hers looks young. I wonder if she was pickled many years ago? I have taken to dousing myself down with vinegar – one shake for the chip butty, one for me. It can on help right? oh, PS I have absolutely no intention of going natural grey ever, even grey needs enhancing. More vinegar anyone?!!!

  7. My hairdresser has begun referring to my “matured blonde streaks”. Why yes, she deserves every penny of that tip. :)Actually, because my hair is so very, very brunette (almost naturally black), we’ve started coloring it with a slightly lighter shade so I appear to have lovely natural highlights.

  8. Bugger the graceful part. I’m pouring litres of stuff on my head to make sure I don’t go grey!

    I think grey hair ages you more than wrinkles. And because I live in the Sunshine State, I have an excuse for those. And I wear sunglasses a lot to cover them!

    The one thing I am changing is the tone, too harsh and it looks fake and as I’m a natural redhead, bright red seriously ages you, so now I’m more of a brunette. And staying that way!

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