It’s the final tomorrow evening so of course this is only my prediction, but it’s almost a given surely? I have been an avid watcher of Love Island with my daughter since I’ve been convalescing from my operation for the last two weeks and it’s totally consumed my life for want of anything better to do, because I haven’t been able to leave the house. This is the reason I rarely watch television, because I become so obsessed it takes over my life.

I have literally been dreaming about Jack and Dani becoming our new advisers to parliament and to Teresa May. What could possibly go wrong if we let them take over? Sweet, gentle, kind and wise – I literally love them both. Dani has time for everyone and always has wise words and Jack is just so lovely and they seem to be truly in love, making plans for their future and making everything seem so easy. They sorted their Christmas plans with one conversation. No pressure. Funny too – when they had their big argument, post the lie detector test and she was in bed saying “I’m going to go home tomorrow”, he said “what times your flight?” – totally deflected the argument and all she could say was “shut up.” Brilliant. I hope they’re going to have a very happy life together and I’m excited for them and I love the fact that Jack doesn’t have a muscle in sight! They have looked after each other over the six weeks they’ve had together and what it shows is that all the lovely basic character traits will shine through and win the day. It gives me hope for the future as the whole concept of Love Island clearly fills me with horror – but you need to watch it to understand and get with the programme. Perhaps there is more to it than we realise on the surface and of course it’s always a good social experiment to observe.

I don’t really care about any of the others. I thought it was brave and honest of Alex for telling Alexandra that he didn’t have romantic feelings towards her just four days before the end and he’s quite sweet. Josh and Kaz make a truly beautiful couple, but they’re not very interesting to listen to and neither are the others.


I literally can’t believe I’m saying that. But I really, really do.


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