We have been going to see La Soirée every year for the last few years as a Christmas treat for the whole family. It is truly an incredible evening full of the most unbelievable circus talent and I would urge you to go for an exceptional evening of laughter, awe and amazement. This year they’ve changed venue – it’s now at the Aldwych Theatre in Covent Garden instead of in a big top. I’m a little disappointed by this as I think the Victorian cabaret style lends itself far more to a bawdy circus scene, rather than having to sit in theatre seats and I’m going to miss the booth we usually get – but nevertheless I would highly recommend seeing the show – it’s still got a daringly intimate feel about it and you get a better view than at the big top.

This year, the one big dysfunctional family have added matinee performances of La Petite Soirée pour les enfants and we went yesterday for my niece’s 6th birthday treat. She had her two Grandmothers there, her parents and little brother and me and two of my children and we all loved it. It’s still quite risqué for kids – which they of course LOVE – there are some hilarious comedy acts as well as some death-defying and totally awe inspiring acrobats. The strength and precision displayed is jaw-dropping. We sat in dress circle seats which gave us a great view of all the acts, whereas my brother and family sat actually on-stage which was quite a treat for his daughter – you can see them all waving from the stage:-

La Petite Soiree

La Petite Soiree

My favourite in the grown-up show are the British Gents – they’re not in the show this year, but if you watch this intro video – you can check them out in the second clip – they are formidable! (the French version of the word). They have instead Rajesh Amrale and Rajesh Rao from Mumbai performing their immensely powerful skills. Lea Hinz is captivating in her aerial display as is LJ Marles from Hackney:-

They’re on until the 3rd February 2018 so plenty of time to get your tickets.


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