SO disappointed to be leaving our incredibly exciting adventure (even though of course we were all looking forward to getting back to our respective families). Having had our final night excitement of a leopard in camp, a frantic rush to the jeep with a number of guests and an amazingly close view of the most beautiful leopard. Their fur is stunning – how anyone could want to take it off them and put it on something else I really don’t know, they are so incredible – this one was quite small and was sitting on a ledge so close we could probably have reached out and touched him if we didn’t fear for our life at that point. One woman hadn’t spotted him when we stopped, was looking beyond, into the distance so when she realised how up front and personal he was, she screamed – getting in serious trouble from a woman sitting behind her for putting us all in danger.

We were up very early to get our small 7 seater plane back to Lusaka. On the way to the airstrip we bumped into the pride of lions locally known as “The Gay Pride” made up of 5 males and one female. Unfortunately for these males they have a recessive gene – how can nature be so cruel as to not allow them to grow their splendid manes? Like a peacock without feathers. So whilst they are all stronger and bigger than the male who got the girl I showed you in a previous post – he was clearly going to be the one to win the prize – the girls are SO not going to be impressed without their manes and we all know how important first impressions are. Such a shame and I wonder what that will mean for their future. I suppose that ultimately it’s about strength – but actually the ones with the big puffed up blow dried hair styles look a lot stronger so maybe the no hair ones would choose not to take them on.

Anyway, here they are, walking straight past us. Thankfully my brother had his iPhone to hand to take this video footage – I on the other hand got this photo on my camera as it was still quite dark – look carefully and you can see five pairs of eyes:-

Here is the video – where seriously you really hope it’s true that they can’t actually see you whilst sitting in the vehicle – they got very close:-

…and then the splendid aerial views from our dinky little plane of the sunrise and the river and the wildlife:-

sigh….just look at that reddish gold sunrise:-

Here you can see exactly where the Chongwe River camp is situated – on the left corner – just at the confluence (now I believe I’ve used my new word at least five times) of the Chongwe and Zambezi Rivers, opposite Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe and it shares the boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park on the right side:-


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