Firstly an early start to watch the “mating pair” of lions who have been hanging out together for the whole entire week away from the rest of the pride like a couple of honeymooners. Luckily they were in an open space so we could get quite close. He frankly was looking a little bit of a mess – a battle scarred male who apparently has had to work quite hard to get her where he wants her:-

Just look at his eye:-

Here is his love interest:-

Here he detected a smell (no not that smell) and jumped up. My guide got a bit agitated, called someone on the radio – apparently there was a bloke wandering around trying to find a signal for his mobile phone who had to be flashed several times with the torch and warned to run away as fast as possible:-

Off they both ran in a hurry:-

Later we went into the Lower Zambezi National Park and our Lion King tracker Victor found the lioness we would never have spotted in a million years – like a needle in a haystack….

I do find it astonishing that the large cats seem to be oblivious to us whilst we are sitting in the jeep. Surely they can still smell us? Smell my fear? Thankfully they are colour blind though so can’t differentiate us from the the open transport:-

After our lion fest we got back to find more elephants visiting us for lunch, followed by canoeing on the Zambezi – just not sure how much more excitement I can take!

Is it any wonder our gin and tonics went down so well?? I’m not surprised my Grandparents were constantly pissed with this level of stress every day.

…and I haven’t even got to the leopard in the camp story yet!

Will do canoe story separately.


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