For nearly two decades, WWF’s flagship Living Planet Report (LPR) has monitored the health of our planet. The 11th edition, released globally today show’s that for the first time in 65 million years we face a mass extinction of wildlife – and humans are the cause.

The LPR launch is a huge global media moment, With WWF offices in nearly 100 countries doing major media outreach. This is a rallying call. We are the first generation with the knowledge and capability to solve the problems facing our natural world. And we’re better connected than ever before. It is #ForOurPlanet.

We all need to do our bit to spread the message even further. We are already losing species at a rate consistent with a mass extinction event. Our generation has an unprecedented opportunity now to drive the change needed.

My focus is on the elephants, but there are many more animals to consider and after watching “Saving Africa’s Elephants” this week with the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall uncovering the trail of the ivory from the elephants tusk to a shop in Hong Kong and hearing that there are more than 80 elephants killed every day, we are needed more than ever.


So please do pass and share the information as much as you can.

Here are two social media posts to share a call to action so that we can show governments across the UK that we want them to take ambitious action to protect the environment at home and overseas:-

Join me & @wwf_uk to take action. Now is the time for us to choose the future we want #ForOurPlanet

It’s in our hands – now is the time to choose the future we want for #ForOurPlanet. Take action with @wwf_uk


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