WHY are lonely cat hoarders more likely to be women?? I hardly dare ask whether it is women of a certain age in particular, but I bet it is. My brother suggested to me the other day that I get loads more cats in an attempt to stave off the impending departure of my children and in lieu of a significant other. I told him it was the worst idea he had ever had and how was I ever going to get a boyfriend if I increase my cat ratio to more than two when it’s bad enough already. Most males who come to the house (my children’s friends) seem to end up with streaming eyes within half an hour and I’m quite sure that it’s only a tiny slippery slope before I start failing to notice that I’m covered in cat hair when I go out and smell a bit strange so I’m going to really, really try hard not to get any more cats.

Apparently cat ladies may be more than just eccentric – they may have a mental illness, according to a new study on “Animal Hoarding Disorder”. The team discovered that three quarters of the people they looked at who collect animals excessively are not only women, but women who live alone. WELL I’M NOT SURPRISED. Who would want to live with someone with millions of cats? It’s bad enough having just a couple of cats and a few children. I can’t possibly make it any worse. The researchers think that living with animals provides emotional comfort to hoarders who present difficulties in affective relationships.

Frankly, there is no hope.

Look how many weird ones I’ve already got:-

  1. Hilarious cats but I’m afraid I will have to stay away from your house.

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